Radio programming Info


What's This?

Los Altos has developed a standardized frequency and channel assignment list based on the County's list of voice frequencies.  By utilizing these  configuration files, your radio will be set up the same as all of the radios that we use at the City's EOC.  That way, if you come to the EOC to help out, the channel numbers will look just the same as they do on your radio.

Los Altos uses RT Systems software for programming of their radios.  Most of the files below are from that software.  We do make a .csv file available for those who like to use Chirp.

Channel Assignments

The concept is pretty simple.  Start with the County voice list and start assigning channel numbers starting with 2 (read the note below explaining why we started at 2).  Every time the agency changes, leave blank channels until the next ten's position.  If a city's last channel number is 25, then start the next city at 30.  Continue this through the entire frequency list. Leaving blank channels does leave a lot of room but this is an issue with older radios that have small memory capacity and the cheaper radios such as Baofeng.  Most HT's and mobiles will have 500 channels or more.

Version Management

If the config files are updated, how can you tell if you have the latest version?  Easy - check channel 1.  The label (what is displayed) will be a date code like 200403.  This is the 2-digit year, month and day of the file that you are using.  Some radios have a channel 0, but not all, so we chose channel 1 to store the version number.  If your version number doesn't match the version number below, you will know that your radio config is out of date.

Note to digital radio owners

If you have a digital-capable radio (such as the Kenwood TH-D74 or Yaesu FT-3DR), note that using these config files may reset your call sign information.  Your call sign is used when transmitting digitally and also when you use the APRS feature of your radio (if so equipped). 

My radio isn't listed. I don't have RT Systems software. What do I do?

You may use Chirp to program your radio.  In this case, use the .csv file below.  You will have to customize the column headings to match your radio.  The easiest thing to do is to create an empty config file for your radio using Chirp, then customize as needed.  When you get it done, consider sending us a copy and we will post your hard work here for others to enjoy.

If you are a Los Altos ham and don't have RT Systems software, let one of the leaders know and we will help you get your radio programmed.