About the Monday Night Nets


Why Monday Night, and just why?

The cities using and supporting the SPECS repeater run a 'net' every Monday night at 8 PM.  This tradition of holding it on Monday nights started around the 1960s and continues to this day.  The purpose is to provide an opportunity to test your equipment, share information and interact with other hams in the city.

What time? What frequency?

The SPECS Net starts at 8 PM on the 2 meter W6ASH repeater (145.270 - 100 hz) with general announcements.  Part way through the net the Net Control operator will call on each city and ask where their local net will be held.  

The frequency for the Los Altos net varies each week, depending on which Monday it  is.  Use the table below to determine the proper frequency.  Better yet, tune in to the SPECS net at 8 PM and listen for the announcement since the frequency may change at the last minute.


  • First Monday: 146.595 simplex and the KH6N Repeater at 440.875 + 100 PL
  • Second Monday: K6LOS 2 meter repeater at 146.940 - 123.0 PL
  • Third Monday: 146.595 simplex only (no repeater)
  • Fourth Monday: K6LOS 440 repeater at 441.525 + 123.0 PL
  • Fifth Monday: 146.595 simplex and the KH6N Repeater at 440.875 + 100 PL

Packet Networking

Packet networking is an important part of the job we do.  There are two packet "nets" that you can check in to via packet.  One is the SPECS weekly packet check-in net.  The other is our Los Altos packet check-in.  To check into the Los Altos packet net, send a packet message to LOSPKT@w3xsc prior to 8 PM on Monday night.  Our local Net Control operator will announce who has checked in each week.

Net Control Operators

Everyone is encouraged to sharpen their skills as a Net Control operator.  Why?  After an event, the first person on the frequency should start a net running and act as the Net Control operator, and that person may just be you!  

Being a Net Control operator for the Los Altos city net is the right place to start.  It is easy to do, and if you want, one of our more experienced operators will work with you to make your first NC experience rewarding.  As guides, you can use the Net Control script and Frequent Check-in list that are listed below.  If you can read out loud, you can be a Net Control operator in Los Altos!

Net Control Scripts

In the Download section below there are two files that you can use as a Los Altos Net Control operator.  The Monday Night Script file (PDF) is a suggested script that you can read and follow along with.  Most operators stick to this script, but you don't have to!  As the NC, you have control of the net so do what you want, as long as you get a count of who is checking in.

The "MondayNightCalls file (PDF) lists Los Altos hams that usually check in during the Los Altos portion of the net.  You can use this as a check-off list and as a way of "greeting" people with their name.